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How it works

How it works

Collect points by showing your love for .ME and redeem awesome rewards!

We love how much you love .ME and we want to shower you with prizes for letting everyone know about your favorite domain.

The program is simple. Promote .ME via social media, share the .ME website with your friends and collect loyalty points that can be redeemed for COOL STUFF.

Collect Points By:

  • Tweeting about .ME
  • Share related #hashtags on Twitter and Instagram
  • Participate in .ME contests
  • Share the .ME Website with your friends.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more opportunities to earn points that can be used for cool stuff like hosting packages, .ME domains, USB sticks, T shirts gift cards and more.

Everyone who participates in the program will be automatically entered to win a trip to SXSW Interactive 2014!

All rewards are exclusively available to .ME Loyalty Program members.


About us

For over five years the .ME domain has been perfect virtual home for individuals and businesses looking to personalize their online life. We are proud to launch a program that awards loyalty and brings the entire .ME community together. Thank you for helping us make the Internet more personal!